‘Weird’ design for the new Apple TV set-top box

Reddit users were left shocked last week when Apple announced the new $399 Apple TV TV set top box, which is set to arrive at retailers on September 14.The device will offer a range of new features, including a 4K video player and a redesigned home bar design.But Reddit user ‘Snoopy’ was quick to point out that the design for […]

3D-printed homes, DIY furniture and more!

The home design and furniture industry is growing fast, but the technology for making those designs has a long way to go, according to a recent report from Home Builders Association of America.The report found that for the first time, the number of home building companies is approaching a six-year high.“The demand for new and customized home design, design and […]

Why I’m Not A Fan Of The Elite Home Design

The home design industry is not going away.In fact, we’re going to see more and more of the concept that’s become popular and popularized over the last several years come to fruition.The idea of the elite home is a concept that has been around for a while now, and many are beginning to see its potential.However, many are starting to […]