Beauty Home Design | Small Home Design

Posted August 10, 2018 04:16:22In a world of high-end luxury brands and a growing market for eco-friendly homes, a lot of attention is paid to designing your home to last longer.There are plenty of great eco-design designs out there that will give your home a look and feel that is truly unique and unique to you.But if you’re looking for […]

‘Dream Home Design’ with DIY home design skills

A home design and construction business based in Sydney’s inner-west is launching a new program called Dream Home Design to encourage DIY home designs and build a home for yourself and your family.The program will provide aspiring home designers with a free, five-week trial period to take their designs to the next level, and a full-time, seven-week course to learn […]

The ‘Crazy’ Home Design of the 21st Century

The new homes that will appear in our homes of the future, the ones that are going to make our lives easier, we’re going to be looking at the next big thing.So let’s start with the home we already own and the one that you love.We already know the basic layout of our home.We have the kitchen, the living room, […]