How to find the perfect interior design for your home

The design world is constantly changing, and today’s home design needs are constantly evolving.We’ve come to expect new styles and materials in the homes we live in, but we often don’t get to experience the complexity of the actual interior design.The new designs that are being released are sometimes more complex than we ever imagined.The same is true for interior […]

Why do we still build new homes?

Home design jobs in Australia continue to grow in numbers, with the number of jobs being filled by concrete home design.Construction and renovation jobs accounted for 29 per cent of total job-seeking jobs, while retail jobs, which are mostly associated with the retail sector, were up 3 per cent.Construction jobs, or concrete home construction, have been growing for some time.They […]

When will you finally renew your home design?

The home design landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years.With the rise of the digital era and the rise in home decor trends, it’s easy to forget that in the mid-1990s, homes were still home to the most traditional of home design elements, with wooden floors and a hardwood flooring that held up well over a century of […]