How to build your own loft home

Home Design School offers the next generation of home design experts.The program focuses on students with a love for design and has received several accolades.The first students to sign up are enrolled in the loft design program and will be joining a team of architects, designers, and builders working on a range of loft projects.Loft Home Design Schools is a […]

How to build your loft home without the DIY

The idea of building a home out of wood is pretty new, but it’s a technique that has been around for years.It’s been called the loft home, but the word is a bit of a misnomer.In reality, a loft is a small space that houses a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bathroom/living room extension.If you have the space […]

Brookside home design: Passive home design

Designing a home with passive energy is no easy task, but one with a unique blend of materials, finishes and finishes elements that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye is even easier.This article explores the styles of the many styles of home design in the U.S. with the goal of helping you make the best decisions when selecting the right […]

How to Design Your Own Loft Home

Loft homes have always been home for people.They’re more than just a place to live or hang out.But they’re also home for creativity and imagination.Here are five ideas to get you started.1.Your Loft Home Should Be Personal 1.1 Loft homes are great for families and individuals.They provide space to develop a personal style and lifestyle.They can also be a great […]