Inside Italy’s Home Design Industry

Inside Italy, the Italian interior design industry is one of the world’s biggest.With more than 4 million workers, the country boasts an impressive number of architectural and interior design disciplines.This is where the designers, builders and engineers who design homes, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, parks, shopping centers and more find themselves.The profession is a relatively young one, with a number […]

Skyline home designer is a model for modern home design

Skyline is the latest home design firm to launch a brand new home design business.The firm’s new home designer business has launched in Melbourne’s CBD and will be available to the public from the start of March.The launch event will feature a preview of Skyline’s new design and the launch of its new website.The business will be a one-stop shop […]

How to design a passive home without breaking the bank

Passive homes are getting increasingly popular as homes become more and more functional and have fewer amenities, but for many home designers and designers with limited budget, there is a major obstacle.Passive homes tend to require a significant investment of time and money to make, and they require a lot of design time to make them as aesthetically pleasing as […]