When is a home worth owning?

Today, it’s almost impossible to say.You can build one and live happily ever after, or you can get stuck in an endless cycle of buying and eventually losing it.But a few years ago, a little-known team of researchers began to piece together the data to see if there were any meaningful differences in how people actually bought and lost their […]

How to Syncb Home Design work, at home design

Google News article Syncb is an open source home design software that allows developers to create their own home design using a variety of components including walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, lights, and more.This post is written by Amit Jain, Senior Partner at Syncb.He has over 25 years of experience in the online retail space and has also been a lead […]

Which home designs are the best?

In the United States, the average home design is more than three times more expensive than a typical two-bedroom apartment.But there’s a way to make that ratio even better.For those who want to make their home more affordable and less expensive, home design has evolved into an art form.It has become a craft that can be learned by the owner, […]