How to build your own loft home

Home Design School offers the next generation of home design experts.The program focuses on students with a love for design and has received several accolades.The first students to sign up are enrolled in the loft design program and will be joining a team of architects, designers, and builders working on a range of loft projects.Loft Home Design Schools is a […]

A design school for home owners

The owner of a design school is planning to launch a “home design school” on the internet, to help people better understand their homes and get more creative with their home designs.The school, called HomeDesign, is set to launch on Tuesday, according to an invitation to the launch on the website of the design company Lidl.It is designed to help […]

The ‘Crazy’ Home Design of the 21st Century

The new homes that will appear in our homes of the future, the ones that are going to make our lives easier, we’re going to be looking at the next big thing.So let’s start with the home we already own and the one that you love.We already know the basic layout of our home.We have the kitchen, the living room, […]