‘The new home design program’ will provide home buyers with more information about their options

“The new design program for homes will provide more information on the different house styles,” said Prabhat Shukla, senior vice president of marketing and marketing services at the Centre for Design.“If you are a home buyer, you want to know about the different styles.We have provided this information in a couple of ways.One is through the new Home Designer Program.”The […]

How to Design a Home for Every Season

“I’ve always loved how the design of the house depends on what’s happening around it,” says Jilli Rochon, a designer and founder of Rochons home design and marketing agency.She started her career designing homes for people at a very young age, but she’s been thinking more deeply about the home as she ages.“I’m not interested in a certain type of […]

Hawaii home design magazine launches in February 2018

Home design magazines and websites in the United States have long been the hot topics of interest in the home design community.Home design blogs have grown in popularity and are one of the fastest growing genres of digital content in the industry.The home design industry has experienced a significant increase in online sales over the past few years.In 2018, home […]