Why do we hate the word home?

The home has been a staple of Western civilization since at least the time of the Greeks and Romans.The word home means “house” and was a popular metaphor for people’s homes and lives, which included social, physical and financial space.Home design was the most popular job in the US in the 1920s, according to census data.The term is used to […]

Happy Home Designer Mac Says The Next Wave Of Home Design Will Be Home Design Made With A Heart

Mac Miller is a happy home designer who specializes in designing home designs for individuals with disabilities, and for the visually impaired. The award-winning designer says he grew up in a home that was designed with a heart in mind. “We’re always looking to create a home to be more loving and more welcoming to the individual that comes in,” he told Newsy. Miller […]

Skyline home designer is a model for modern home design

Skyline is the latest home design firm to launch a brand new home design business.The firm’s new home designer business has launched in Melbourne’s CBD and will be available to the public from the start of March.The launch event will feature a preview of Skyline’s new design and the launch of its new website.The business will be a one-stop shop […]