What’s a home design for?

A home design is not just a house, a farmhouse or a building, but a whole set of relationships and goals.What is the best use of a home?What is its purpose?What are its benefits?Where does one get the best value?What do the occupants want?The answers to these questions can guide design decisions for a home.And while it is easy to […]

Which home designs can be retrofitted?

By now you’ve probably noticed that the design of your home is evolving in the modern age.While home design in the 1950s was mostly confined to a narrow circle of styles, the 1980s saw an explosion of modular home designs that can be easily retrofitted with modern materials.It can be an exciting time to explore home design, and it’s always […]

Why do we hate the word home?

The home has been a staple of Western civilization since at least the time of the Greeks and Romans.The word home means “house” and was a popular metaphor for people’s homes and lives, which included social, physical and financial space.Home design was the most popular job in the US in the 1920s, according to census data.The term is used to […]