What’s a home design for?

A home design is not just a house, a farmhouse or a building, but a whole set of relationships and goals.What is the best use of a home?What is its purpose?What are its benefits?Where does one get the best value?What do the occupants want?The answers to these questions can guide design decisions for a home.And while it is easy to […]

Why the Lakefront home has a distinct ‘Lake’ design

A home built to be unique, but with a distinct Lakefront style has gone viral in Australia.The Lakefront House is one of several unique design ideas in Australia which has gone on to sell millions of copies and is currently available on a number of social media platforms.ABC News’ Andrew Kelly reports.Read moreThe Lake House is a modern house in […]

Polaris Home Design 2018 Winter Sale

PAPELA –  PAPELS RACIAL HOME &CREW, INC. (NASDAQ: PLPLP) (OTCQB: PLP) has announced the sale of its portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial lighting, accessories and technology to SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ :SCTY) for $25.2 million, subject to closing conditions. The company will be renamed Polaris Lighting. SolarCity will continue to operate and operate as a private company under the SolarCity Inc. umbrella, with the intent […]