‘Elegant’ Home Design Software Says to Avoid ‘Balls’

A software maker says it will make the home designer’s job a lot easier if she can just get rid of the ‘balls’.The new ‘Ball’ tool is designed to help designers remove unwanted or superfluous furniture.“The new Ball tool allows designers to easily remove the ‘ball’ from any furniture and also to remove any superfluous objects, such as the table […]

How to be a minimalist home designer

It seems like every design studio has their own way of thinking about design.And some of them are really good, and some of these techniques can be applied to other types of design.Here are 10 ways to be more minimalist.1.Create a blank canvas.It’s important to create a blank slate when it comes to the design of your home.You don’t want […]

Which home designs are the best?

In the United States, the average home design is more than three times more expensive than a typical two-bedroom apartment.But there’s a way to make that ratio even better.For those who want to make their home more affordable and less expensive, home design has evolved into an art form.It has become a craft that can be learned by the owner, […]

How to build an elegant home

New Delhi: The world has come to understand the beauty of the home.But many people are still struggling to appreciate the elegance and style of their homes, with many opting for the simpler options of modernist styles.This article looks at the art and science of building elegant homes.In his book The Art of Design, architect Gautam Gupta makes a compelling […]