‘Elegant’ Home Design Software Says to Avoid ‘Balls’

A software maker says it will make the home designer’s job a lot easier if she can just get rid of the ‘balls’.The new ‘Ball’ tool is designed to help designers remove unwanted or superfluous furniture.“The new Ball tool allows designers to easily remove the ‘ball’ from any furniture and also to remove any superfluous objects, such as the table […]

Magnolia Home Design | How to design a perfect home

The home you’ve always dreamed of designing has arrived in your kitchen.Now it’s time to turn your imagination to creating a design that you can love.Magnolia is a brand of home design, design, and decorator based in Colorado.You’ll find them in the Home Designers & Designers section of our site. Read More.They specialize in designing elegant, stylish, and modern homes that […]

A design school for home owners

The owner of a design school is planning to launch a “home design school” on the internet, to help people better understand their homes and get more creative with their home designs.The school, called HomeDesign, is set to launch on Tuesday, according to an invitation to the launch on the website of the design company Lidl.It is designed to help […]

When the world needs a greenhouse home for the future, here are the greenhouse home designs you need to know

When the climate warms, a lot of people will need a greenhouse.There are plenty of greenhouse homes available now.But as we know from our own homes, they all share the same common problem: They’re too big for our growing bodies.The most common greenhouse home is a two-story home with a roof that can’t be raised.Many people choose a two story […]