How to design a home for under $2,000

Home depot designer Robert Barnett has a plan for those who want to build their own home for less than $2 million.“If you’re looking for an affordable home, and you’re not a designer, it’s probably a pretty boring one,” Barnett said.“If you want to do something that you’ve never done before, you’ve got to make some compromises and find a […]

House passes $20 million in grants for rural homes

A pair of bills in the Senate would make rural home design more affordable and expand access to new home designs.The House’s House Design Fund would create $20.4 million for projects aimed at supporting the “first generation of homebuyers and first generation homeowners” and the Rural Home Design and Engineering Program would fund new home design and engineering projects for […]

Home design sites open up to online bidding

Home design inside has become a $3 billion industry, thanks to the success of online bidding.The homes that designers build online for other buyers can be seen for sale by thousands of people who then can see them for a few dollars per listing, or less, to get a sense of the design.The bidding process, known as bidding wars, is […]