The most expensive home in the world

Homeowners in the UK are spending over £5,000 on a single home in 2017, a record, and it is not going to stop.The number of properties with a value of more than £500,000 has risen to nearly 3,000, a new record.Here are the most expensive homes in the country.1.£5.8m, Castle Bay, West Sussex.Built in 1884, the castle was built to […]

Home design by Ardmore

Home design in Ardmore, Alabama, is about design that brings people together, according to designers and makers.“It’s about the love and love that you have for your family, and that love brings you joy,” says Krista Karras, who has designed homes for families in her hometown since 2012.She’s also the designer behind the new home design project Ardmore Home Design.“People […]