How to Design the Perfect Homer Car

With the summer season in full swing, designers are getting ready to bring the fun back to home décor.Home decor trends are trending toward minimalist designs, and home decor trends seem to be turning away from traditional designs.While these trends will continue to be popular, designers and decorators are also seeing a shift in style.Here are five creative ways to […]

House GOP backs Trump border wall plan

By MARCO SANTOS – APWASHINGTON (AP) House Republicans on Wednesday endorsed President Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and offered a blueprint for doing so, even as they resisted calls from Democrats for a border wall to be built in Texas.The proposal includes new funding for border patrol and the construction of a barrier along […]

What’s a home design for?

A home design is not just a house, a farmhouse or a building, but a whole set of relationships and goals.What is the best use of a home?What is its purpose?What are its benefits?Where does one get the best value?What do the occupants want?The answers to these questions can guide design decisions for a home.And while it is easy to […]

How to find the perfect karma home design

We’ve seen it all before.You might want to look at your home for inspiration, but it can also be difficult to narrow down your choice to a few pieces of the perfect design.So we’ve taken your suggestions and compiled a guide to help you narrow down the best karma home designs.Let’s get started.1.The One You Want2.The Most ComfortableHome Design3.The BestHome […]