How to build your loft home without the DIY

The idea of building a home out of wood is pretty new, but it’s a technique that has been around for years.It’s been called the loft home, but the word is a bit of a misnomer.In reality, a loft is a small space that houses a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bathroom/living room extension.If you have the space […]

Which is the best home design for your budget?

The world is a very different place today than it was when I was a kid.The internet was just a few years old, and the idea of a house designer had become somewhat niche.That’s why it’s important to make your choices based on your budget, your style, and your home’s location.Read more:What you need to know about home design:What to […]

Hottest Home Design Trend? – ESPN CriInfo

The hottest trends in home design are often found in a few different categories.The category of home design also tends to encompass both the aesthetic aspects of a house and the functional and functional-oriented elements of a home.Here are some of the hottest trends for home design today.1.The Future of Home Design: Living Room/Living Room Architecture (HLS) Living Room Architects […]

Why home design is a creative art

Home design is one of the oldest and most successful art forms in India, and it is still practised today.The art form has been practised by people all over the world and the world is full of beautiful designs that are inspired by nature.However, for many, home design has become a luxury product that they don’t want to buy and […]

‘Elegant’ Home Design Software Says to Avoid ‘Balls’

A software maker says it will make the home designer’s job a lot easier if she can just get rid of the ‘balls’.The new ‘Ball’ tool is designed to help designers remove unwanted or superfluous furniture.“The new Ball tool allows designers to easily remove the ‘ball’ from any furniture and also to remove any superfluous objects, such as the table […]

Hockey players and the power of art

A lot of us have our own ideas about what we like and don’t like in a home.And, in the case of hockey players, the answer may be a lot.And that’s why it’s important to consider the impact of art on the psyche of the game.The story of the first hockey players to take their game to the next level […]

How to design your own home?

New Scientist magazine has a series on home design that is based on my own experiences.They’re pretty cool and a great starting point for anyone who wants to start from scratch.I’ve written about how to get started with home design in the past, and now I’ll talk about the challenges of designing an actual home.First, let’s get to the main […]