How to design a passive home without breaking the bank

Passive homes are getting increasingly popular as homes become more and more functional and have fewer amenities, but for many home designers and designers with limited budget, there is a major obstacle.Passive homes tend to require a significant investment of time and money to make, and they require a lot of design time to make them as aesthetically pleasing as […]

How to build a tiny house for $50,000

How to Build a Tiny House for $5,000 in Delhi article How do you build a small, compact home?The answer lies in the simple yet beautiful design of a house.We are talking about tiny house, small home or mini house.There are many variations of this design, but in our case, we are talking of a tiny home for $500.Here are […]

Which designers should you choose to design your home?

With the growing popularity of home design and design-based products in Canada, there is a need for more choice for home designers.Many of these home design companies, like Home Design Inspiration, have found success with their products, but others have struggled, as the market for home design products is growing.If you are looking for a home design company that can […]

How to design your home for an ideal space

Designing a home is not the same as designing a perfect home.You don’t have to look like an artist, designer, or artist-in-residence to design a space that feels right.Designing for space means thinking about space, not just aesthetics.How does your house look in the morning?How does it look at night?How do you feel about the way the sun shines on […]

Hawaii home design magazine launches in February 2018

Home design magazines and websites in the United States have long been the hot topics of interest in the home design community.Home design blogs have grown in popularity and are one of the fastest growing genres of digital content in the industry.The home design industry has experienced a significant increase in online sales over the past few years.In 2018, home […]

How to build an elegant home

New Delhi: The world has come to understand the beauty of the home.But many people are still struggling to appreciate the elegance and style of their homes, with many opting for the simpler options of modernist styles.This article looks at the art and science of building elegant homes.In his book The Art of Design, architect Gautam Gupta makes a compelling […]

Home design pictures: The best and worst designs of 2016

Home design has become one of the most popular online activities among students.As per data from the e-commerce platform, the number of students studying in online classes in the first quarter of this year jumped by 16 percent.The study also showed that students in online courses saw an increase in their engagement with e-learning content.In this article, we look […]