How to build an elegant home

New Delhi: The world has come to understand the beauty of the home.But many people are still struggling to appreciate the elegance and style of their homes, with many opting for the simpler options of modernist styles.This article looks at the art and science of building elegant homes.In his book The Art of Design, architect Gautam Gupta makes a compelling […]

How to Design Your Own Loft Home

Loft homes have always been home for people.They’re more than just a place to live or hang out.But they’re also home for creativity and imagination.Here are five ideas to get you started.1.Your Loft Home Should Be Personal 1.1 Loft homes are great for families and individuals.They provide space to develop a personal style and lifestyle.They can also be a great […]

The home design quiz quiz: Which is better?

There are lots of ways to get to know home design and there are plenty of ways in which home design is a subject that people are interested in.For example, if you’re interested in what the home design process is like for a home, you could find that this section is the perfect place to start.There’s a lot of good […]