Why do we hate the word home?

The home has been a staple of Western civilization since at least the time of the Greeks and Romans.The word home means “house” and was a popular metaphor for people’s homes and lives, which included social, physical and financial space.Home design was the most popular job in the US in the 1920s, according to census data.The term is used to […]

Why the Lakefront home has a distinct ‘Lake’ design

A home built to be unique, but with a distinct Lakefront style has gone viral in Australia.The Lakefront House is one of several unique design ideas in Australia which has gone on to sell millions of copies and is currently available on a number of social media platforms.ABC News’ Andrew Kelly reports.Read moreThe Lake House is a modern house in […]

House passes $20 million in grants for rural homes

A pair of bills in the Senate would make rural home design more affordable and expand access to new home designs.The House’s House Design Fund would create $20.4 million for projects aimed at supporting the “first generation of homebuyers and first generation homeowners” and the Rural Home Design and Engineering Program would fund new home design and engineering projects for […]

DIY home design software

Tech companies are embracing new home design tools and apps to keep their employees focused on what they do best.From home decor to furniture, a home design studio has become a common place for tech companies to showcase their products.But a growing number of companies are looking to make the process of designing the finished product easier for their employees.Home […]

Why are you reading this?

The Lad’s latest offering is the home design shop.The home design business has been around for about 20 years, and it’s not a new thing.But Lad has a new twist.The store, which opened earlier this year, features some of the world’s most high-end design, from luxury apartments to kitchens and bathrooms.The Lad website has a special section devoted to the […]

Al Jazeera: ‘Theres nothing more we can do’

The owner of a beachfront home in the heart of Sydney’s northern beaches says the family had to sell it due to rising rents and rising maintenance costs.The property, at the corner of Swanston Street and Queen Street, is owned by an individual who has been working on the property for 10 years.But the family has been struggling to make […]

When the world needs a greenhouse home for the future, here are the greenhouse home designs you need to know

When the climate warms, a lot of people will need a greenhouse.There are plenty of greenhouse homes available now.But as we know from our own homes, they all share the same common problem: They’re too big for our growing bodies.The most common greenhouse home is a two-story home with a roof that can’t be raised.Many people choose a two story […]

How to make your own beautiful home room

It’s hard to believe this is even possible.We’ve all had our own little room in our homes and loved every minute of it, but what if there were a way to make that room feel like home, too?Well, there is.The answer, it turns out, is a few steps that will make the most of your room.Let’s take a look at […]