‘Weird’ design for the new Apple TV set-top box

‘Weird’ design for the new Apple TV set-top box

Reddit users were left shocked last week when Apple announced the new $399 Apple TV TV set top box, which is set to arrive at retailers on September 14.

The device will offer a range of new features, including a 4K video player and a redesigned home bar design.

But Reddit user ‘Snoopy’ was quick to point out that the design for Apple TV is “weird” and “not for me” in a post to /r/iPodReviews.

“Weird design for my iPad,” Snoopy wrote in a thread titled “Apple TV looks very dated and uninspiring.”

“I like it when Apple takes risks,” Snoope added.

“I’m not saying that the new model looks bad, but it’s not something I like.”

The “Weird” design for iOS 9.0 is a design of the iOS 9 beta that has been spotted on Reddit, where it has been reported to have been used on the iPhone 6S.

“I’m disappointed to see Apple do this,” Snoopy wrote.

“It’s an obvious attempt to hide flaws in the current product, and a huge step backwards for the product.

The ‘Weld-It’ approach is so far out of date.

It doesn’t look like it’s meant to be a universal iOS 9 product, it looks like it was designed by Apple to look like Apple.

It looks like they just designed something that they don’t really want to see released.

This is not the kind of product that Apple would make for a retail release.

This will never be released, ever.

Apple will never do this.”