The most expensive home in the world

The most expensive home in the world

Homeowners in the UK are spending over £5,000 on a single home in 2017, a record, and it is not going to stop.

The number of properties with a value of more than £500,000 has risen to nearly 3,000, a new record.

Here are the most expensive homes in the country.1.

£5.8m, Castle Bay, West Sussex.

Built in 1884, the castle was built to protect the castle from the British Empire.

It is the property of the Bishops of Southampton.

Its estimated value is £6.5m2.

£6m, Broughton, West Yorkshire.

Built by a British businessman in 1859, this house has an average price of £1,500, a third of the average value of all houses in the region3.

£7.5 million, Wiginton Estate, South Shields.

Built on the banks of the River Tyne, this property is owned by the Wigington family, who are part-owner of the football club Liverpool.

Its reported worth is £5m4.

£8m Heston Road, Heston, West Midlands.

The house was built by the Heston family, and was purchased by the estate agency in 1894.

Its value has risen by £3.2m to £9.3m5.

£10m, St George’s Church, Newbridge, Kent.

Built between 1868 and 1875, the house has been a part of the St George Church family since 1876.

It has an estimated value of £11.2 million6.

£13m, Cottage, Northamptonshire.

Built at a time when farming was booming in the area, this cottage is a heritage structure and has an assessed value of around £15.7m7.

£16.5 m, Wills Farmhouse, Northampton.

This farmhouse was built in 1791 by John Wills, one of the most prominent landowners in the county.

It was originally designed to be a farmhouse but was later converted to a residence.

Its assessed value is estimated at £20m8.

£17.4m, Grosvenor, North Yorkshire.

This was the home of Sir John Wines, who was the third Earl of Ormond from 1798 to 1837.

It remains the only farmhouse in the village.

It now stands at around 2,000 acres and is estimated to be worth over £60m9.

£19.5.1m, Salford House, Salthill, West London.

This house was one of three built by Robert Salfords, the first Lord Mayor of London.

It also serves as the residence of Lord Mayor William Lumsden10.

£20.3 m, Westfield Estate, Westgate, West End, London.

The home of the Duchess of Cornwall, the estate was built on the site of a former dairy farm in the 1920s.

It houses the estate’s remaining members, and has been worth around £24.5million, which is a record for a house in the West End11.

£22.7 m, Soho House, Wokingham, London, England.

Built with the support of a £1.5 billion grant from the Soho Estate Development Trust, this four-bedroom house is a landmark in the city’s West End.

It can accommodate two adults and two children, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange12.

£26.3 million, Westcott House, Liverpool.

Built for the Duke of Westcott, the home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

It cost £27.2million to build and was listed on eBay13.

£30m, Southwick House, Westbourne, Suffolk.

This is the home to the Southwick family, whose son Peter played in the Royal Football Club.

It sits on the edge of the village of Westbourne.

Its worth is estimated between £32m and £42m14.

£32.3.5k, Epping Abbey, London Bridge, West Ham, England The home is owned jointly by the family of John Epping and the Epping House Trust.

Its listed value is around £36.4 million15.

£34.7 million, Sainsbury’s Estate, Sansbury’s, South London, London The estate is currently owned by a group of individuals who are all from the West Country.

Its currently valued at around £40.6 million16.

£39.9m, Park Place, Bristol, West Lothian, England A house built in 1855, this estate is the largest in the town and was originally known as the ‘Hill House’.

The original owner was the family who owned the property, who purchased it for £400,000 in 1888 and made it their residence.

It currently stands at more than 1,000 properties17.

£42.1 million, Londond