How to make the perfect French home

How to make the perfect French home

Home design is a skill that can be learned, taught and perfected over time.

This article shows you how.

1 / 1 The best places to visit for a French home design course French home designer and business owner Renaud Laing shows how to create a simple and functional home using his simple concept of the “kitchen”.

2 / 1 French home designers Renaud Lavieux demonstrates how to build an elegant and functional French home from scratch.

3 / 1 Renaud Lamartin shows you the best places in Paris to visit to learn French home decorating skills.

4 / 1 How to choose the right colour for your French home Renaud says that it is important to choose colours that reflect your personality and the personality of the house you are designing.

He recommends that you choose bright and vibrant colours that compliment the furniture, which you want to create.

5 / 1 What you need to know about designing a French apartment Renaud shows you where you can buy furniture and how to get the right fit.

6 / 1 Where to go for a home design lesson Renaud explains how to choose a suitable location for your project, what furniture and furniture accessories you will need, how to do a mock-up and then the final result.

7 / 1 Design a French house for the living room Renaud uses a simple French model for his home, with a sofa and bed.

8 / 1 Making a French sofa Renaud suggests that the sofa should be made from wood.

9 / 1 Using a fireplace Renaud demonstrates how a fireplace can be used to create the ultimate French living room.

10 / 1 Finding the right color for the kitchen Renaud recommends that the kitchen should be a vibrant, colorful and warm colour, using a colour that reflects the style of the home.

11 / 1 A French house design course Renaud makes the house look as if it has been designed by a French designer, showing you how to make an elegant, functional and modern kitchen.

12 / 1 Creating a French kitchen Renada Lavieaux demonstrates how you can use the space and materials in the kitchen to create an elegant kitchen.

13 / 1 Building a French dining room Renée Lavie, a business owner and designer from Paris, uses the fireplace to create and decorate a beautiful French dining area.

14 / 1 Simplicity in French home decoration Renaud describes the best way to decorate your French apartment.

15 / 1 An easy French kitchen tutorial Renaud also shows you some practical techniques for building a kitchen.

16 / 1 Furniture and kitchen René Lavieuen shows you what is possible with simple furniture.

17 / 1 Staying in touch with the past Renaud talks about the history of the kitchen.

18 / 1 DIY French home décor Renaud shares his DIY French décor project that he started in 2003, where he creates simple, functional, and modern French furniture for the French home.

19 / 1 Dressing your French kitchen French home-owner Renaud Lautré explains how he uses the space of the French kitchen to design, decorate and maintain his kitchen.

20 / 1 Make a French bathhouse Renaud Le Lautroune shows you three simple, elegant, modern bathhouses.

21 / 1 Modern French furniture Renaud provides you with ideas for modern furniture, using simple French designs.

22 / 1 Ideas for French decorating Renaud discusses the most popular ideas for the decorating of your French living rooms and the kitchen and bathroom.

23 / 1 Reusing the kitchen sink Renaud and his wife Renee Lavieur explain how to use the kitchen water and appliances for your living room and kitchen.

24 / 1 Getting the right size for the dining table Renaud, a French-born and French-speaking home designer, shows you a list of all the options for your dining table.

25 / 1 Learning French as a second language Renaud introduces you to learning French as another language.

26 / 1 You can learn French as an additional language Renée Lautour explains how she learned to learn English.

27 / 1 Get your French ready Renaud teaches you how you should take your French lesson and how it can be completed in under an hour.

28 / 1 Learn French as your second language, a great gift Renaud offers a quick guide on how to take French lessons as an extra language gift.

29 / 1 Tips for building your own French kitchen An elegant French kitchen is a great idea to start, as it shows that you are making something that reflects your personality.

30 / 1 Home decorating tips Renaud gives tips on how you to decorates a French room.

31 / 1 Begin a French project Renaud helps you start your first project, with some simple ideas on how the house can be finished.

32 / 1 Crafty ideas Renaud is the mastermind behind his DIY project that shows you all the things that you need.

33 / 1 Love it or hate it, Renaud can make it a success Renaud tells you everything you need in the process of making a