‘Bizarre’ house design inspired by ‘Gorilla’ image

Posted November 17, 2018 04:00:00 It’s not the first time a house has been created with the help of an image from the film “Gorillaz” – but this time, the image has inspired a new home design in New Zealand.

ABC New Zealand has published a series of photographs of a house in New Plymouth, in Western Australia, that was designed by the duo, and includes an image of a gorilla on the front.

The image, which is now available to download, was created using the same design techniques that were used to create the home, which features two bedrooms and a master suite.

The house also has a glass floor, and a wood floor and a ceiling made from an organic material called bamboo.

The home was designed to be a ‘home away from home’, with the design team thinking about how to make the design work at home.

The architects say they took inspiration from the ‘GORILLAZ’ image because it was so ‘bizarre’, and to make it as unique as possible, they also thought of what the house might look like in a zoo.

The designers say that the gorilla image was originally created to give the house its own character and the design process started to explore how to create a house that was ‘more human-like’.

‘It was a bit of an odd one to see, but it was a good idea to have a gorilla, as well as a human, in a home, so it’s interesting to see,’ says John and Sarah Williams.

‘We wanted to have something that was a little bit more homey and human-looking.’

‘Glorious’ design The designers have said that they think the home is ‘beautiful and worthy of being a home away from Home’.

‘There’s something quite human about the home and the way it’s designed, and it’s a beautiful house, but we wanted it to be very unique, and to be as unique and as human-friendly as possible,’ said Sarah Williams, one of the architects behind the home.

‘To give the space a little more character, to give it a bit more depth and something that would make you feel comfortable in your home, we had to make sure that we weren’t creating something that could be seen by all people.

‘The gorilla was used as an inspiration for the design, but not for the actual house itself, it was just a very nice example of what it could be.’

‘There is something quite alien about a house, and we wanted to make something that felt like it could go to the zoo.’

It’s just really, really unusual to have two humans in one house.

It’s a very strange thing to see in a house.’

John Williams said the home was originally designed with a focus on privacy, with an extra bedroom and kitchen, and an additional bathroom and a separate kitchen.

‘In order to make a home that was truly human-safe, we wanted the gorilla to feel like a real human being, and have his own bedroom, his own bathroom and his own kitchen, so that he could eat with his own hands, and that’s something that’s really different to other houses that we’ve seen, and which I think people might be surprised to see if you think of a lot of modern houses, but which are not so human-centric,’ he said.

‘You know, you can actually see that in a lot, but I think the house is so unique and the designs that we made it felt so unique.’

The design was a success and the Williams family are now working on a house for their children and grandchildren.