“You can’t just go to the mall and get a $100,000 house.”

“You can’t just go to the mall and get a $100,000 house.”

A woman with no children has built her own home on a site in California with her husband’s help.

The project, which includes a custom-made home theater and dining room, will be the first in a series of homes designed by the wife and her husband.

The home is called “home screen” and features a custom built kitchen and living room with a full-size wall-mounted screen.

The couple, who have two children, bought the home from an auction house in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They were able to build it in about six months and sold it on their own, said the couple, Lisa and David Smith.

The woman has built two other homes, but has yet to complete a third home.

They plan to build more homes to help people in need and make a donation to the Red Cross, according to the ABC News affiliate.