Which designer suite will win Best New York Times Style Award 2018?

Which designer suite will win Best New York Times Style Award 2018?

The winner of the 2017 New York Post Style Awards will be announced Monday, Jan. 22, at the New York Fashion Week.

In the 2018 style category, the winner of this year’s award is J. Crew’s Aveda Home Designer Suite, a home-inspired suite designed to be a “modern, contemporary look.”

The award, which recognizes the best-in-class design in a brand’s catalog, is presented by The Post’s executive editor, Katharine Graham.


Crew is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the Avedas Home Designer Collection, the brand’s most expensive offering yet.

The suite was designed to match the latest trends in modernism, from bold prints and bold patterns, to modern touches like a white-fleece lining and a satin-woven couch.

J Crew says it has been working with Avedosa to create a range of Avedases that will “provide the perfect blend of modern design and classic style.”

The Avedase suite is available now at Macy’s, and will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks at Macys, Best Buy, Forever 21 and at select Nordstrom locations.

The $149.99 price tag is significantly lower than the $239.99 Avedasa Suite at TJ Maxx, where the Aves come with a linen-lined, cushioned couch.

The Aves Home Designer Bundle includes:Aveda’s iconic “Home” look.

The J.

Crew Avedsa Collection, which is available at Macy, Best Buys and online.