How to save on home decor, kitchen items with ‘cool’ title How do you save on decor in your home?

How to save on home decor, kitchen items with ‘cool’ title How do you save on decor in your home?

RTE has got you covered with a range of home decor ideas and tips to get you out of the house, as well as advice on how to get the best out of your home.


Buy a cool home design from designer Rafe Macleod. 


Use a different style of glass to make the house look more modern. 


Have your furniture made of recycled glass or a combination of glass and metal. 


Put a glass panel on your living room floor. 


Make your kitchen sink and sink top into a glass box. 


Change the colour of your kitchen floor to brighten up the kitchen. 


Use recycled glass on the outside of the kitchen to give your home a rustic look. 


Buy and decorate your kitchen cabinet. 


Buy old items and make a new one. 


Add a dishwasher and use it as a toilet. 


Get rid of the old kitchen cabinet and use the one from a new owner. 


Buy some of the most stylish looking things you can afford, and decorating them with glass. 


Create your own home décor with a new kitchen furniture set. 


Buy furniture and decorators that are a mix of classic and modern.

1) Buy a vintage style kitchen set and decorator that looks like a 1930s set of cabinets. 

This is great if you like vintage furniture, but if you don’t you might want to consider some of these DIY furniture sets that look like a modern kitchen.

2) Buy furniture with a vintage look and a contemporary feel. 

These are great for the bedroom and dining room. 

You could also get furniture like a vintage clock, or vintage coffee table. 

The more you use, the more they look like modern furniture. 

For example, this vintage cabinet is a perfect example of a modern vintage cabinet.

3) Find out how to create an original wooden cabinetry piece. 

It’s a very unique way to decorate a home, so it can look beautiful even if you aren’t an expert in wood.

4) Create a unique glass window. 

Glass can be used to make a window, which can make the window look like it was made with glass, or glass can be mixed with concrete to create a glass window and then coated with paint. 

They can be made in a variety of different ways, and you can even use glass as a decorative element in furniture.

5) Decorate your bedroom or bathroom with decorative glass.

If you want to get a really unique glass set, try to decorating your bedroom in a way that makes it look like you are on the other side of the glass, rather than the front of it. 6) Use recycled materials to decorates your kitchen.

This is great for people who want to create their own unique furniture sets, as the glass will make the furniture look more contemporary.

7) Use glass on your dining room floor and bathroom countertop.

It will look like the glass is painted on top of the countertop, which makes it really unique.

8) Buy recycled glass to decor your bathroom sink.

9) Buy old furniture and use them as a dishwashing machine. 

And if you want a really stylish bathroom cabinet, buy a vintage set of sink and shower fixtures and decorates them with recycled glass.

10) Buy and buy decorative glass for a kitchen and use as a window.