How to design a home for under $2,000

How to design a home for under $2,000

Home depot designer Robert Barnett has a plan for those who want to build their own home for less than $2 million.

“If you’re looking for an affordable home, and you’re not a designer, it’s probably a pretty boring one,” Barnett said.

“If you want to do something that you’ve never done before, you’ve got to make some compromises and find a home that you’re going to enjoy.”

The barn-inspired home designs Barnett is building in the new home design marketplace are built to last, while he says he can’t wait to share his plans with the world.

“I’m definitely in this to have fun,” he said.

“The design is so unique.

The design of the house is really, really unique.”

Barnett has built more than 200 homes for clients, from big-box retailers to small-business owners.

His projects range from single-family homes to three-bedroom apartments.