7-Eleven to open shop in London with a new location in Hyde Park

7-Eleven to open shop in London with a new location in Hyde Park

A seven-Eleventh store in London is set to open its doors to the public on Thursday, March 6, 2018, the first time that the fast-food giant will open in the capital in a decade.

The new seven-floor outlet will be called 7-Eyes and will be located in the Hyde Park Shopping Centre, a shopping centre that has become a hub for British fashion and fashion accessories. 

The 7-Eyes store will be operated by 7-Eye, which is owned by the same company as 7-eleven in the UK.

The 7-eyes brand has been the focus of the retail giant’s new London headquarters, which was built on a large site in a redeveloped part of Hyde Park. 

When the store opens, it will mark the second time the London branch of 7-eye has opened in the country.

The first location was at the Covent Garden shopping centre in the west end of the city, which has seen an expansion to accommodate the store. 

A 7-eyes store is one of a number of 7 stores that will open across the UK in 2019, including one at a new retail hub in central London and another at a former textile mill site in the north of the capital.

7-eyes is the brand name of a company called 7eye, which acquired the UK franchise from 7-11 in 2009.

It was purchased by British fast food chain 7-1 in 2011.

 7-Eyeth is based in London, with its headquarters in the shopping centre, but is now also expanding into the UK, with branches across the country, and in the US, Canada and New Zealand.

“7-eye is committed to supporting London’s fashion and accessories community by providing an alternative to a traditional fast-casual restaurant,” 7-eyed said in a statement.

7Eye has also launched a line of clothing and accessories for women, and is set up as a “fashion hub” in Hyde Street, the area where the new store will sit. 

It is the second 7-eyes store to open in London in recent years.

In May, the store opened at the Royal Mint in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the biggest 7-ing store in the city.