What’s next for the new home design industry

Home remodeling is booming, with new projects coming out every day.But there are many factors that can slow down the trend, including the fact that many of the buildings we see in the media aren’t the only ones that are undergoing remodeling.The main obstacle to the industry is that most of the people who are going through remodeling are not […]

Karma Home Design Makesover

Makeover your home and create a completely new home for yourself.You can do it with the free Karma Home Designer app, available on iOS and Android.You’ll also be able to add more homes with the Karma Home Temple Designer app. For the first time ever, we are introducing a new Karma Home design feature: the Karma Temple. You can create a Karma […]

What is the future of architecture in the world of technology?

The future of architectural design is still far away, but the technologies that are being developed to help us meet that future are becoming more sophisticated and more affordable, so it’s not far-fetched to think that we’ll see a rise in the number of home design projects that require minimal, but highly effective, design and construction.So here’s how to prepare […]