Why the Lakefront home has a distinct ‘Lake’ design

Why the Lakefront home has a distinct ‘Lake’ design

A home built to be unique, but with a distinct Lakefront style has gone viral in Australia.

The Lakefront House is one of several unique design ideas in Australia which has gone on to sell millions of copies and is currently available on a number of social media platforms.ABC News’ Andrew Kelly reports.

Read moreThe Lake House is a modern house in the suburbs of Melbourne, which has been designed by an architect and is owned by a family.

It’s located in the town of Lakeside and is an unusual design, with two separate bedrooms and a garage attached.

The design has been described by the architect as “sophisticated” and “fantastic”.

The Lakehouse, which is located in Lakeside, has a modern, minimalist design, but it also features an old-fashioned farmhouse feel.

The main living area is made up of an open-plan kitchen, with the living room and kitchen in a separate room.

The dining room and lounge area is also in the same space.

The house was designed by architect and Melbourne resident, Peter Johnson.

Mr Johnson is known for his distinctive designs.

He’s known for building traditional wooden homes, which he said was his main focus.

He said he was drawn to the idea of a home that was different from traditional wooden buildings.

“The idea of living in a house that’s unique, that’s a bit different from the traditional wooden house,” he said.

“You have the living space, you have the kitchen, you’re on the edge of a lake, you can see all of the different views.”

I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to do something that I love about it’.

“Mr Johnson said his goal was to create a house with “an authentic, Victorian feel” but he said he wasn’t trying to replicate traditional Victorian architecture.”

It’s not about the style or the design, it’s about the feeling,” he explained.”

There’s a sense of history and history is a big part of the design of the house.

“He said the house was a “big departure” from the typical Victorian style.”

If you look at the history of the town, you’ll see a lot of Victorian houses that are really quite big and very Victorian,” he noted.”

But what we wanted to do was create something that was a little bit smaller.

“The design is a contemporary twist on Victorian houses, which include a house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a house on the coast and a house just outside Melbourne.

The family behind the Lakehouse said they wanted to be different to other modern home designs.”

We wanted to build a house which was not just a traditional Victorian home,” the family said.

The home, which also features a garden and the local pub, sold for $6 million in the first quarter of 2017.

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