Why are you reading this?

Why are you reading this?

The Lad’s latest offering is the home design shop.

The home design business has been around for about 20 years, and it’s not a new thing.

But Lad has a new twist.

The store, which opened earlier this year, features some of the world’s most high-end design, from luxury apartments to kitchens and bathrooms.

The Lad website has a special section devoted to the shop, which features a selection of items and is open to the public.

Lad’s founder, James Lad, was born in Ireland and was a teacher before moving to New York City to work at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Lad and his family have been in Brooklyn for almost 60 years, he told The Huffington Post in an email.

The house design business is based in the heart of the city, in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood, and Lad has long maintained a high standard of customer service.

Lad, who has lived in the neighborhood for many years, is not only the owner of Lad, but also the owner and developer of the company, which operates out of a renovated former bank.

Lad has always been a local business, Lad told HuffPost.

When he started Lad, Lad had the idea to create a store that would bring a local feel to the city and bring the best design to Brooklyn.

In this case, the store was designed by the Brooklyn Historical Society, which Lad said he was inspired by by.

Lad told The New York Times in 2017 that the idea for the store came from the Brooklyn branch of the New York Public Library, which is where he grew up.

Lad said that the store is designed to be a place where people could see the neighborhood and connect with each other, something that is difficult for many people in Brooklyn.

“I want people to feel safe here,” he said.

Lad is a real estate investor, and his business has a lot of success in Brooklyn, including one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in New York.

The Flatbush Houses has one of Brooklyn’s most popular restaurants and bars, and is also home to the Flatbush Museum, a massive, open-air museum that features original artwork.

Lad also has a successful online marketing company, Lad Media, and has built a reputation as an expert in the design and branding of homes, which has helped Lad build Lad Homes, a new store that features the same design ethos.

Lad opened Lad Homes in Brooklyn last month, and he told HuffPost he has no plans to expand.

Lad Homes has a goal of selling about 10,000 homes in Brooklyn over the next four years, though he said it’s possible that it will be only a small portion of that number.

Lad explained that Lad Homes does not have a fixed goal, and the store will expand as it sees it most profitable.

“The way I look at it is I’ve never done anything where I’ve had a target on my back, and I’m going to keep working towards it,” Lad said.