What’s the best home design on sale in Portland?

What’s the best home design on sale in Portland?

Home Design salem is the latest design from Portland, Oregon, to make the shortlist for the prestigious Architectural Home Design Award.

The home, designed by Portland-based architecture firm Westcott Architecture, was chosen by the Portland Architecture Council, which selected the home from more than 100 submissions from around the country.

“This award represents the best in Portland architecture and is an opportunity to highlight the best designs in Portland,” the council said in a statement.

“It is the best design award that we can give.

Westcott is a strong supporter of our community and our region and we are honored to have this recognition.”

Westcott also selected a few other homes in Portland, including a $1.6 million home by Portland artist and designer Rachel Sorenson and a $935,000 home by architect Robert Miller and his partner, Steve.

Portland architect and designer David E. Lander is among the other judges on the short list, as well as architecture firm M.R.H.A. and Portland-area architects J.M. Krieger and Mike Gresham.

Portland was the only city to win the award last year, with the award honoring architecture and design excellence across the city.

Other finalists included New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, and Austin.

In the short-list of finalist homes, the Westcott home is one of two that were deemed worthy of the award.

The other home, by architect Frank Gehry, is not eligible for consideration.

The architect of the winning Westcott design, Richard A. Gans, said the design was a testament to Portland’s growing architecture community.

“We are fortunate to be able to be here,” Gans said.

“Portland’s architecture is a great testament to the quality of Portland’s architecture, its diversity and its breadth of design.

It is an example of how the city’s architecture community is thriving.”

Gans is also a member of the architectural council.

He said that Portland’s history and architecture is in high demand in the city, and that the awards show the city is growing in that regard.

“I think that this recognition is an excellent moment for Portland,” Gann said.