‘The new home design program’ will provide home buyers with more information about their options

‘The new home design program’ will provide home buyers with more information about their options

“The new design program for homes will provide more information on the different house styles,” said Prabhat Shukla, senior vice president of marketing and marketing services at the Centre for Design.

“If you are a home buyer, you want to know about the different styles.

We have provided this information in a couple of ways.

One is through the new Home Designer Program.”

The program is the brainchild of the Centre, which is trying to improve the lives of homebuyers across India.

The Centre has been working with the private sector for over a decade to improve its market share.

In the past three years, it has installed more than 2,500 self-service kiosks across the country to make home buyers more aware of their options.

The Home Designer program is a collaboration between the Centre and the private firms.

It aims to help buyers understand what home styles are, how they are designed, and what they can expect to pay for.

The goal is to ensure the home buyers get the best possible value from the house.

“This is one of the things we are working on right now, especially for the first-time buyer.

They need to understand what they are buying, what they expect to get, and how they can pay for it,” said Shukya.

The new program, which started in September 2017, will provide users with an overview of the different home styles.

In this, the Centre has provided more information and guidance on the house styles, which can help buyers select a house to fit their needs.

The new Home Design Program will also provide consumers with information on house materials, appliances, appliances and other amenities.

Homeowners will also be able to search for a home by the type of house they want, its location, location and the type and type of furnishings they would like.

The online platform will also help homebuyer with the information necessary to find a suitable home.

The portal will be available for all users of the platform.

“We have tried to make the website as simple as possible for the consumers.

It is not complicated, it is very simple, it will not be complex.

The portal will only be available in English,” said Arun Prakash, managing director of the online portal.

The centre has partnered with local real estate agents to bring the portal to the homes of the people.

“The portals will be able show a lot of information about the homes that are available in the market.

The information will be easy for consumers to access.

They will also know more about different types of homes, including the different types they can choose from,” said Prakish.

The portals are a major step in the Centre’s push to improve India’s home buying market.

As of January 2020, the market had more than 11 lakh listings.

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible,” said Amit Kumar, senior manager of sales and marketing at the centre.

The first phase of the portal, which was launched in 2017, was fully operational in January 2018.

The second phase will continue till March 2019.

“It is a big push.

We are trying for three years,” said Kumar.