Google’s Home app gets more love in the world

Google’s Home app gets more love in the world

The new Home app in Google’s Android app is getting lots of love on the web.

It’s getting a lot of positive feedback from the public and a lot more than just a handful of reviews on the Play Store.

That’s a good sign for the Home app, which Google says it has more than 300 million active users.

The Home app’s biggest new feature is the ability to set up and access multiple rooms in your home, which you can then share between multiple people.

The app now supports a new “shared” setting that lets users share up to five rooms at once.

Google also tweaked the layout of the Home interface, which it says looks nicer and more streamlined, and added a “Show/Hide” button that lets you quickly change the Home’s layout.

The new home screen has been redesigned and Google has simplified the “Home” search function, too.

It also says users can now use a number of different ways to share a Home space, including through the “Share” button, a menu button, or a “Share on” button.

Users can also create new rooms and assign rooms to people, groups, or other devices.

Google says there’s a lot to love about the new home interface, and the Home team is looking forward to sharing more information about the update in the coming weeks.

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