‘Dream Home Design’ with DIY home design skills

‘Dream Home Design’ with DIY home design skills

A home design and construction business based in Sydney’s inner-west is launching a new program called Dream Home Design to encourage DIY home designs and build a home for yourself and your family.

The program will provide aspiring home designers with a free, five-week trial period to take their designs to the next level, and a full-time, seven-week course to learn how to build their dream home.

The ‘Dream Homeship’ program, launched in early 2018, aims to create a home that’s affordable, beautiful, functional and comfortable, with the hope that it can be a stepping stone for the dreamer to find success in the real estate industry.

A dream home is the ideal space for a family to live in together, with access to natural light and privacy, and the ability to move between homes.

The aim of the program is to teach aspiring home designers about the basics of home building, including how to start from scratch and get to the final stage of a design before completing it, with a goal of reaching a professional-level home design by the end of their first year.

Dream Homeships will help aspiring home designs to develop their skills and skillset, including creating the materials, working with architects, contractors and designers to achieve the perfect finish, as well as the knowledge and skills to build a successful home.

The program has already attracted more than 100 home designers to participate, with many of them graduating with a degree in the fields of architectural design, materials, building and construction.

For more information on the program, visit www.dreamhomeship.com.au.

Dream HomeDesign is also offering workshops for aspiring home owners and builders to find the most affordable solutions to their home design challenges, and to learn more about how they can build a dream home for themselves and their family.

This is a free five-day trial period, so don’t wait until you have enough money to buy a home.

Register now, or visit www!dreamhomship.co.nz.

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