Which Design Tech Homes Will You Build in 2018?

Home design books are a popular form of reading material, and while many of them focus on the basics of building and design, there are plenty of others with interesting ideas for your house design.This list of 10 books focuses on the technology behind these technologies, including how they work, how they’re built, and the technology that comes with them.Read […]

Inside Italy’s Home Design Industry

Inside Italy, the Italian interior design industry is one of the world’s biggest.With more than 4 million workers, the country boasts an impressive number of architectural and interior design disciplines.This is where the designers, builders and engineers who design homes, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, parks, shopping centers and more find themselves.The profession is a relatively young one, with a number […]

Which are the best home designs for Australia?

Designers who are looking for a rustic and rustic-inspired home are in luck!With rustic design being so popular in Australia, there are a few designs that you should look out for that are suitable for the home.One of them is a cottage design.A cottage is a semi-detached house that’s built in a forest.These houses are built in wood, and they’re […]

Duplex Home Design Company Launches Its Own Home Design Firm

A company that specializes in home design has launched its own home design firm, with plans to offer a wide range of home design products including kitchen cabinets, couches, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and more.The company, called Duplex, announced on Monday that it has signed a partnership with the design house, Wotan Studio, which specializes in custom-made furniture and other home […]

How to Design a Better Home with Designing Light Sources: The Verge, TechCrunch, DesignBiz, The Verge

Designers should take a moment to think about what their home design might look like with less lighting, and how to incorporate it into a minimalist home.There are two primary ways to do this.You can use the light-emitting diode, or LED, light-absorbing panels that are commonly used in contemporary homes.They’re great for light-polluting indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, but […]

What’s the best home design on sale in Portland?

Home Design salem is the latest design from Portland, Oregon, to make the shortlist for the prestigious Architectural Home Design Award.The home, designed by Portland-based architecture firm Westcott Architecture, was chosen by the Portland Architecture Council, which selected the home from more than 100 submissions from around the country.“This award represents the best in Portland architecture and is an opportunity […]

The best home designs 2019

A decade on, the most popular home design has evolved with a slew of new designs.With home decor becoming more affordable and the demand for customised design increasing, a lot of the old designs have fallen by the wayside.The new homes you see in the media are often designed to cater for different types of people, including people with disabilities, […]

‘It was just a small piece of a puzzle’

When you see your favourite designer on your shopping list, you might think: “How could I miss out on this?!”And you’d be right!In this edition of The Sport Bibles, we’re going to take you behind the scenes to see how a tiny piece of the puzzle, from a designer’s mind, could have made a world-changing difference.

What is sustainable home decor?

An article on sustainable home décor, a popular trend in urban design, shows that the use of recycled materials can be effective in promoting a healthy lifestyle.The article, published by the American Sustainable Business Council, states that the recycling of materials can help people reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact.The organisation suggests that recycled materials could be used for […]