Why a home design story from a southern home design magazine

Why a home design story from a southern home design magazine

When I was a kid, I loved going to my parents house for a day, because we could sit in the backyard and watch TV on our big old television set.

The thing is, it was a very modern home with all sorts of modern touches.

I mean, it had a lot of big windows, and the outside walls had been painted with a modern red.

My dad had a big old black television, and I remember playing with it while he was talking to me on the phone.

But the outside was not very modern.

The furniture was old-fashioned, the walls were very thick, and there were no modern touches to it.

I wanted something modern and more like my dad’s home, so I bought it and had it painted.

And when I got home, I saw that the house was a classic Southern home, with a lot going on.

But what I really wanted was something a little more modern, and that was the Southern home design series.

So, the Southern Home Design series is a weekly magazine from the Southern Living Association that’s written by an author, Mary Elizabeth King, about Southern homes and their history.

I don’t know who wrote the first article, but the Southern Life magazine started in 1949.

It’s a very interesting story about Southern home architecture, and it was also a time when there were lots of new homes being built in the South, which were often built by the same architects.

And I think Mary Elizabeth was the first person to write about Southern houses and how they were built, and how the people who designed them lived and lived in them.

I think it’s an interesting story and it really helped shape my own interest in Southern home designs.

I remember going to the Southern Homes show in New York, which was held in my hometown of New Orleans.

I remember walking into the show, and seeing that Southern home designer was talking about what a great job she was doing, and she said, “I love Southern home designing, but I’m really interested in what you’re building here.”

And that’s what she was talking in the Southern homes magazine, which is a really good read.

I liked it because it was written by someone who really cared about Southern architecture, a Southern house designer.

It’s interesting that the Southern life magazine got started when the Southern living magazine was starting, and they were trying to create a Southern home magazine, and we had no home design magazines at the time.

I guess that was in the late 1960s, so it was pretty much a thing that happened to be about Southern living magazines, but it’s still a pretty big deal in the architectural world.

But that was a great thing to see happen, because the home design industry is not very well represented in the world today.

The American home design world is dominated by New York-based architects.

There are a lot more American designers in the market now, and American designers tend to be more contemporary.

I’m a little bit surprised that the designers in my Southern home world were doing so well, because that was really not the case back in the day.

So I think that the popularity of the Southern house design magazines is a testament to the strength of Southern house designers and the power of Southern architecture.

The Southern Living Magazine was founded in 1949 by Mary Elizabeth Queen, who was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

It was originally named the Southern Lifestyle Magazine, and this was the early days of the magazine, in 1949, but we were really very early in our publishing.

We didn’t really have a website back then, and so we would write stories and give interviews.

So we had a newsletter called the Living Southern Magazine and it went out to the community in the area.

When Mary Elizabeth started the magazine in 1949 in New Orleans, she had already been living in New Hampshire for years, and her family was from New Hampshire, and Mary Elizabeth had traveled around the United States a lot.

She came to the New Orleans area in 1949 to meet people and build connections with them, and for that, she was very proud of herself.

She was very successful.

She sold her home in New England and moved back to New Orleans in the mid-1950s.

And then she moved to Los Angeles to work as a television host.

So she went to Southern Living, which then was still in New Haven, Connecticut, and became a part of the New York publishing world, because it had an office in New London.

But it was actually Mary Elizabeth who was the founding editor, so she was the one who was responsible for writing the Southern lifestyle magazine.

It started as a monthly magazine, but when Mary Elizabeth became a television personality, the magazine expanded into a weekly.

And that was when the show started.

So when she came to New York in the early 1950s, she knew that she wanted to become a part-time television host, and what she wanted was to write an article about the Southern House design magazines and Southern