How to design your home for an ideal space

How to design your home for an ideal space

Designing a home is not the same as designing a perfect home.

You don’t have to look like an artist, designer, or artist-in-residence to design a space that feels right.

Designing for space means thinking about space, not just aesthetics.

How does your house look in the morning?

How does it look at night?

How do you feel about the way the sun shines on your wall?

Designing to feel like home is about more than just decoration, however.

It’s also about the people who live there, and the relationships that you create with them.

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The more we are engaged in designing, the more we create the opportunity for all of us to contribute, says Niles.

Designers need to be creative and open-minded, and have a clear idea of what they want the space to look and feel like.

So what can we do to make our homes feel like their home?

Here are some tips for making your home look and behave like the place it’s meant to be.