Home design by Ardmore

Home design by Ardmore

Home design in Ardmore, Alabama, is about design that brings people together, according to designers and makers.

“It’s about the love and love that you have for your family, and that love brings you joy,” says Krista Karras, who has designed homes for families in her hometown since 2012.

She’s also the designer behind the new home design project Ardmore Home Design.

“People don’t get enough love and attention,” she says.

“And we wanted to do something different with our homes.”

Karras says that, in her experience, it’s important for people to feel connected to their family, which is what Ardmore does.

“We’ve always wanted to have people come to the house, to see their kids, to take pictures of their dogs, and to make a contribution to their community,” she explains.

For the Ardmore Homes Project, Karrs says, she wanted to create something that people could enjoy together.

“What’s great about the Ardemar Homes Project is the way it creates this really close bond that you build through love,” she adds.

“When you have a lot of love, it makes people feel really special and connected.

And that’s something that we want to continue to build with the Ardum Homes Project.”

With that in mind, Kargas created an outdoor home for her family in the arid landscape of Ardmore.

“I wanted to take the traditional architecture of Ardum and make something a little more modern,” she admits.

The house is located on the family farm, in a wooded area with a river running through the landscape.

It is connected to a community garden that also features a small pond.

“The whole idea is that it’s a home that is a place where you can all feel together and you can feel connected,” Karrles says.

The interior space is designed to look like a traditional farmhouse.

“It’s all natural materials, it has a barn with a fire pit, it is completely natural,” she shares.

Karrs adds that her family also built their own wood stove, and she and her husband have an organic garden in the backyard.

The main floor of the home features two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.

A walk-in closet provides a great place to store things.

The two bedrooms are connected to the main house, and they have a sliding door that can be used to open and close the two rooms.

The living room features a sliding window, which can be set to open or close to reveal more natural light.

“You can walk in, have a glass of wine or tea, or maybe you could even play some board games,” she points out.

Kargas adds that the main living room also features two separate bathrooms, with separate shower stalls.

“There are also a couple of small areas for entertaining,” she notes.

“For the kitchen, you can get an island to cook on, or you can have a table and chairs for the kids,” she continues.

“That way, you have some space for them to play.”

A family of six living in the houseKarros explains that the home is designed so that it can accommodate different families.

“One of the reasons we are so happy about the size of this home is because we have children, so we are not going to be sharing a space with them,” she states.

“We are going to take advantage of all of the space we have here, and use it for our family.”

The bedrooms in the home feature a large open plan bathroom, and the main bedroom features a separate washroom.

There are also several smaller closets in the bedroom, which Karr’s husband can use.

The kitchen, which also features sliding doors, can be configured to have a full-size stove or a charcoal grill.

“Each room is really different,” Kargis says.

“They can all have different options for the appliances.

They can have one burner for cooking or one for entertaining, and then there’s the wood stove or the gas stove, so that’s just really fun.”

A kitchen that can function as both a fireplace and stoveKarrins says that one of the biggest challenges of designing the Ardamour Homes project is making sure that it is sustainable.

“With a traditional house, you want it to last for a long time,” she observes.

“But, with a home, that’s not always the case.”

The family home has a fireplace, and a small sink and tub that can also serve as a kitchen sink.

The water comes from a well that runs through the farm, and Karrins points out that the family home is located in an arid region, where water is scarce.

“So, if you have an area that is less than 20 percent of the area, then you can see that it has an advantage in terms of water conservation,” she tells CNN.

“But we’re also a lot smaller, so if we had an