Polaris Home Design 2018 Winter Sale

PAPELA –  PAPELS RACIAL HOME &CREW, INC. (NASDAQ: PLPLP) (OTCQB: PLP) has announced the sale of its portfolio of residential, commercial and industrial lighting, accessories and technology to SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ :SCTY) for $25.2 million, subject to closing conditions. The company will be renamed Polaris Lighting. SolarCity will continue to operate and operate as a private company under the SolarCity Inc. umbrella, with the intent […]

Which is your favorite design for your own home?

This post is for the readers who would like to design their own home for themselves.But before you do, let me explain a little about me and how I do it.I love my own design.I can design for myself.I know how to make my own furniture, make my favorite decor and create my own kitchen.My design skills are so deep […]

Why do some designers like to look at themselves as home designers?

FOSTER, Texas (AP) In a way, designer homes für Luthers-Bruchs are not really homes at all.Instead, they’re the perfect collection of design ideas and accessories that can be stacked to create a cozy, functional home, or even an office space.Some designers have created furniture or accessories like chairs, lamps and shelving.But there’s a big difference between these designs and homes […]