‘The new home design program’ will provide home buyers with more information about their options

“The new design program for homes will provide more information on the different house styles,” said Prabhat Shukla, senior vice president of marketing and marketing services at the Centre for Design.“If you are a home buyer, you want to know about the different styles.We have provided this information in a couple of ways.One is through the new Home Designer Program.”The […]

Why do we still build new homes?

Home design jobs in Australia continue to grow in numbers, with the number of jobs being filled by concrete home design.Construction and renovation jobs accounted for 29 per cent of total job-seeking jobs, while retail jobs, which are mostly associated with the retail sector, were up 3 per cent.Construction jobs, or concrete home construction, have been growing for some time.They […]

Google’s Home app gets more love in the world

The new Home app in Google’s Android app is getting lots of love on the web.It’s getting a lot of positive feedback from the public and a lot more than just a handful of reviews on the Play Store.That’s a good sign for the Home app, which Google says it has more than 300 million active users.The Home app’s biggest […]

How to design a home with an eye to sustainability

A home without a roof is going to be a home without air conditioning.With an eye towards sustainability, designers and developers are looking at how they can help reduce the environmental impact of a house by reducing the amount of electricity used in the house and also reducing the use of heat pumps and other equipment that heat up the […]

When will you finally renew your home design?

The home design landscape has changed dramatically in the past 10 years.With the rise of the digital era and the rise in home decor trends, it’s easy to forget that in the mid-1990s, homes were still home to the most traditional of home design elements, with wooden floors and a hardwood flooring that held up well over a century of […]

‘Dream Home Design’ with DIY home design skills

A home design and construction business based in Sydney’s inner-west is launching a new program called Dream Home Design to encourage DIY home designs and build a home for yourself and your family.The program will provide aspiring home designers with a free, five-week trial period to take their designs to the next level, and a full-time, seven-week course to learn […]

Brookside home design: Passive home design

Designing a home with passive energy is no easy task, but one with a unique blend of materials, finishes and finishes elements that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye is even easier.This article explores the styles of the many styles of home design in the U.S. with the goal of helping you make the best decisions when selecting the right […]

Design quiz: What is the most beautiful home?

By the end of this month, home decorators in many parts of Canada will be tasked with the task of designing the most pleasing, functional and aesthetically pleasing home possible.“People are going to be looking for something that has a little bit of a timeless feel to it,” said Lisa Kosten, a Toronto-based home decorator and author of The Perfect […]

A cabin home designer, designer and builder of the future

A cabin design studio and home design service provider is launching a cabin home design studio in Los Angeles.The studio will be called A Home Design Studio, and will work to help homeowners, architects, and interior designers create cabin homes, home decor and design.The home design firm will be a new division of the A Home Studio, a division of […]